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Sometimes, I just have to blog. Sometimes, I even have something interesting to say—or at least funny.

My Favorites This Week, 4/29/2016

It’s been such a busy week here in both good and bad ways. I’m formatting a box set of the first three books in the…

My Favorites This Week, 4/22/2016

Ah, rainy skies. Will I be able to duck out of mowing the lawn today? I should be so lucky. It’s been a busy week…

My Favorites This Week, 4-16-16

It’s been a busy week here in Port Woebegone. The new community center has been threatened by an officious inspector, and yours truly has been…

My Favorites This Week, 4/8/16

With an extremely bright and energetic grandson visiting, along with a favorite aunt and her grandson, it’s been a difficult week to get in a…