1The Saloon War at Seven Rivers

Caught between a desire to help his boss and a desire to stay alive, Fat Jack Craft must ask for Farr Gunn’s help when war breaks out between the two largest saloons in Seven Rivers.


Harvey Roskam has a bee in his bonnet about cornering the saloon market in Seven Rivers along the Goodnight-Loving Trail through New Mexico territory. He’s brought in some hired guns to help, and their presence make Fat Jack Craft nervous about what could happen.


When Harvey’s biggest competitor learns his son has been killed in a gunfight by one of Harvey’s hired guns, he brings in men of his own, and the trouble comes to a head.


Meanwhile Farr Gunn is determined the trouble won’t spread to Mrs. Craft’s Boarding House for Young Ladies because he’s become very fond of the girls, especially French Kate, and he knows Mrs. Craft is doing her best to keep from selling out to Harvey who wants Kate to come back to work for him..


But Mrs. Craft is beginning to get pressure from the other saloon owner who wants to make sure that Harvey won’t run him out of business, and it is all Farr can do to keep the saloon owners away from the most prestigious bordello along the Trail.


After Farr has a dust up with Harvey’s meanest gunman to protect a couple of girls who were on a harmless shopping spree, Kate decides it is safer for her to return to Harvey, and that move tips the scales toward an all-out war.


Although he was determined to stay out of it, when the shooting starts, Farr knows he has to go help his best friend and protect the woman he loves.

“… definitely not stuck in the mold of the usual shoot-’em-up western.” —Fred Baker

“Interesting characters, serious but with humor.” —James E. McPherson