The Bordello Kid



Everyone knew Billy Lassiter was a tough man, so no one expected a skinny drifter named Farr to lay him out with one punch, especially the saloon’s lookout, Fat Jack Craft, or Billy’s dove of choice, the saloon girl French Kate.

Jack figures Billy will seek revenge, so he finds the kid a job protecting his mother’s “boarding house for ladies.”

But Billy blames Kate as much as the kid, and only luck keeps him from beating her to death. When Jack’s mother takes her in and Farr persuades the madam to let her stay, Jack knows it is only a matter of time before his new friend will need someone to cover his back.

Mrs. Craft has a different worry about her young charge. Despite his awkwardness around her “girls,” she senses a connection between him and the older woman. Will she find a way to get rid of Kate before Billy comes looking to finish what he started?

If he does, can this young kid protect her house without getting himself killed?

Find out in this first episode of the Farr and Fat Jack series!