Just one more week until The Prisoner of Raiatea is ready to be downloaded on Amazon and other online stores. This story is very close to my heart because I have always been fascinated with that time period in the South Pacific. Of course, through Dixon-Price Publishing I brought back a few forgotten books such as Louis Becke’s By Reef and Palm and Ebbing of the Tide.  Of course, now that Amazon is offering such public domain works in plenty on the Kindle platform, I have ceased publishing paperback versions.

But the experience of publishing Becke and Frederick O’Brien’s White Shadows in the South Pacific, three of E.J. Banfield’s wonderful beachcomber books, the collected South Pacific stories of Jack London, and the wanderings of Harry L. Foster in A Beachcomber in the Orient have all led up to the ideas for this series.

The past month, though, has been going slow. Age is catching up with me, I’m afraid, and sometimes you must deal with the obstacles it puts in front of you. But the good news is that another Jack Craft book is well on its way to you for this summer.

Meanwhile, give The Prisoner of Raiatea a try. It’s an adventure first, but the plan is to keep the “episode” in novelette range so that they will be fast reads, and also to make them stand alone even though there will be a larger story arc or two that will stretch through each “season” of six to eight books.

Next week I plan to tinker with the web site a bit, perhaps adding a section on what I’m reading or recommending, and just clean things up. At the same time, it will be a good week to get some non-fiction work in, and take some time to test the deep waters of actually outlining the next fiction project I have planned. We have some family parties coming up and have commitments in my other businesses that will make it difficult, but not impossible, to get a few words down each day. But as Seinfeld says, “Don’t break the chain.”

One More Week!

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