Writing for Trade Magazines gives practical information for both professionals and beginners on getting published in the burgeoning business magazine markets. Written by a former trade magazine editor, the book explains:

  • What trade magazines are and are not, the vast size of the market, and the challenges and rewards for freelancers in this fast-growing segment of the publishing industry.
  • What trade editors want; what they actually need; and how freelancers can provide both.
  • How to come up with the right idea, pitch it to the right person, and get an assignment.
  • Who the thirty largest trade magazine publishers are, and what magazines are the top in each industry.
  • How to find and interview business professionals productively, and how to network to find mentors within an industry.
  • How to learn the trade writing craft with case histories, project profiles, and other “on the scene” stories.
  • How to write how-to and service stories specifically for trade magazines.
  • How to write round-up, trend, and trade show stories.
  • How to use research for trade stories to build additional income through consumer magazine articles and commercial writing.
  • How to balance workload with productivity, and joy with aggravation.
  • How to edit work before the editor does.
  • How to manage a writing career professionally, and how to increase income by recycling research.

Available only in paperback